Navy SEAL Father Believes Son Was Sent To His Death in Extortion 17

Charles Strange, father of Michael Strange, of Navy SEAL Team VI, who was among 17 SEALs killed in the Extortion 17 Chinook crash, in Afghanistan in 2011, spoke to Michael Savage Wednesday in an interview. Strange stated that he believes the government sent his son and the other SEALs to their deaths. Both Strange, and the Vaughn family, parents of Aaron Vaughn, have stated that they believe after Vice President Joe Biden, and also former CIA Director Leon Panetta, exposed classified information revealing SEAL Team 6 as the ones who took out Osama bin Laden, the team members began indicating to their families that they knew they were in danger.

According to a report from Before It’s News, Strange also has information indicating that 8 of the SEALs made it out of the Chinook after it crashed and were actually fighting on the ground after the crash.

Michael Strange was recently awarded the Silver Star for valor, yet his parents were not invited to the ceremony held at the White House. Charles Strange stated in the interview with Michael Savage, a few days ago, that just a month after Biden and Panetta had revealed classified information, and only two months before his death in the Chinook, his son Michael told him he had prepared a Will. Strange said Michael stated: “Something’s going on with the team. Somebody’s leaking things out. Something’s going on.”

An emotional Savage then asked: “Your son knew he was being sent to his death?”

“They knew. They knew something was up. Every one of them”, replied the elder Strange.

As previously reported here, Karen Vaughn also stated that her son revealed he felt that not only the team was in danger, but their families as well. Karen and I recently discussed this at length, and she felt her son Aaron, and the others, may have even been told to warn their families of imminent danger. The exposure by Biden and Panetta, that SEAL Team VI was the group who took out bin Laden, is critical. First of all, classified information was revealed publicly. Second, there was no need for the masses to have that information. Thirdly, and most importantly, at one point it was not only revealed to be SEAL Team VI, but also the exact unit within the team. A unit, within the larger team, consists of 15 to 17 men and the exact unit was identified. The release of such classified information is nothing short of treasonous in my mind, and I still wonder when charges of treason will be brought against Biden, and Panetta, for putting a target on the backs of our brave warriors, which possibly led to the deaths of several members of SEAL Team 6 in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011, when their helicopter was shot down by Taliban insurgents, under extremely suspicious circumstances.

Strange told Savage that he obtained documents related to the crash showing that the rescue team was held back. “This was all planned,” he said. “I have it in the paperwork.” He further stated that there was no chase helicopter or any other kind of support for the team. Savage asked: “So, you’re saying they planned to execute your son and the others on purpose?” Strange replied: “One hundred percent.”

Strange also noted that the Chinook’s black box was never recovered, and said he doubts the explanation that it was washed away in a flash flood.

Billy and Karen Vaughn appeared Sunday morning in a segment of “Fox and Friends” on Fox News network, to discuss the decision last week by Congress to launch an investigation into Extortion 17. In that interview, the Vaughns were asked why it has taken so long for Congress to come to this decision. Karen said she believed the problem was getting to the right person at just the right time. “Thank God for Jason Chaffetz, and that he’s taken this on,” Karen stated.  “We feel like 30 Americans died needlessly; Aaron and all the others on the helicopter were great Americans. We will never have another moment in our family life where we feel complete, and we know that every other family member feels the same way,” Karen said.

Billy Vaughn recounted the point that has been made many times, that 7 Afghan soldiers on the Chinook were replaced at the last moment, creating a great deal of suspicion after the crash. “Our intelligence saw Taliban gathering in the area where the chopper was about to land,” Billy said.

When asked how they are doing now, Karen said:

“I want everyone to understand, I don’t want to be dismissed as a grieving parent who is angry because our son died in military service. Our son was an honorable man, doing what he lived to do. Since he was 8 years old, he told his father and I that one day he was going to be a Navy SEAL. It was a dream of his heart, and it was something God had put in his heart, at a very, very young age, because Aaron had given his life to Christ at a young age, and he knew what God had called him to be. We have no regrets about what he chose, the life he chose. What we have regrets about, is the way we’ve been lied to since his death, and the way that answers are not forthcoming, and also that when we get answers we never get the same answer twice, and it only serves to raise our suspicions. That’s what we’re fighting for in these investigations. We want the truth. We want Congress to have subpoena power so they can call in witnesses, and get to the bottom of this once and for all. And we’re ready to hear whatever the truth is; we just want to know what it is.”

The truth, must come out. Congress must fully explore this issue for these grieving families, whose sons gave the ultimate sacrifice. People must be held accountable for actions which led to their deaths, such as the exposure of classified information, carelessly revealed by Biden and Panetta. It is a disgrace that the answers the families have sought have not been revealed, truthfully, yet. It is, unfortunately, yet another indication of the lack of integrity and transparency for which this administration is known. Criminal charges of high crimes against the United States of America, should be filed against Biden, Panetta, and very possibly, others. The blood of these men is on their hands.

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Originally published July 29, 2013 by Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children with permission from author.

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